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Summer Science Programs and Science Camps - New York / New York State

Ceramic & Glass Engineering Camp  |  Consumer Chemistry Camp  |  Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute  |  Pre-College Programs , New York City Liberal Arts, Science, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Women's Leadership and more  |  SUNY Purchase Precollege Technology Summer Programs  |  RIT K-12 Academy featuring Kids On Campus  |  : PREP: Pre-College Experience in Physics  |  Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Camp, Residential  |  Edge on Science Galileo's Workshop, Summer Rocket Camp, Bridge Building Camp, Catapult Camp

Alfred, NY - Alfred University
Ceramic & Glass Engineering Camp

The Alfred University Ceramic & Glass Engineering camp is for students who wish to learn about this exciting field. Students participate in fascinating hands-on lab experiences in ceramic processing & tape casting and glass melting & press forming, working alongside faculty. Ceramic Processing and Tape Casting: Ceramic components are at the heart of a vast majority of our everyday items, from cell phones to toilets. At the center of the manufacturing process is ceramic processing - using powders to make usable items. This summer lab exercise will focus on making a ceramic “sun-catcher” that will be fabricated using tape casting, lamination, and glazing, capturing aspects of both historical and advanced ceramic materials and processing techniques. We will discuss the chemistry involved, the reactions that occur at both room temperature and at high temperature, and how these processes affect the properties (light transmission, strength, etc.) of the ceramic component. Glass Melting and Press Forming: Glass is everywhere in our daily lives, from the screen on your cell phone and LCD television, to windows, bottles, and fiber optic cables. Unlike other ceramics and materials, glass is not a solid, but a super-cooled liquid. How glass is made, however, is an exciting and visually spectacular event, where raw materials (sand, limestone, and soda ash) are blended and melted at high temperature to form a viscous liquid that can be cast and shaped into objects. This lab exercise will discuss how chemistry affects glass properties and color, making glass, and stress in glass due to cooling. In addition, each student will cast a glass piece to take home! In the evenings, students have lots of fun participating in a variety of activities including indoor and outdoor games, movies, hikes, social gatherings at a local coffee house, a farewell party on the last night, and more. Living, dining and learning together, students have ample opportunity to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships

Program Information:
This is a coed, residential camp for students entering grades 11 or 12.
Dates: June 26-30, 2016
Cost: $895 covers tuition, room and board, supervision, activities and program materials
Application deadline: May 1, 2016

Office of Summer Programs
Alfred University
Saxon Drive
Alfred, N.Y. 0
Telephone:   (607) 871-2612
Web Site:   

Alfred, N.Y.
Alfred, NY - Alfred University
Consumer Chemistry Camp

Alfred University’s Consumer Chemistry Camp is a dynamic camp for students aged 14-17 whowant to know more about the chemistry of food, toys, and household products. No prior chemistry background is needed! This camp is great for students who want some exposure to chemistry before taking it formally and for those who have already taken chemistry but want to learn more about its applications. Classes are taught by distinguished members of the Alfred University Chemistry faculty. The program emphasis is on learning and having fun!
Have you ever wondered . . .
• what makes diet soda sweet?
• how to pronounce the ingredients in your shampoo?
• what polymers are used in amusing science toys?
• how do I find reliable information about controversial ingredients?
This camp will help answer those questions and many more! You will discover how to interpret the ingredients lists of your favorite foods and products while learning some basic chemistry. Camp topics are tailored to student interests and students are given the opportunity to explore topics of individual curiosity. Daily labs include tie-dye, chromatography and distillation. Students take home a t-shirt, book and course binder. This camp enables you to develop a deeper understanding of household products in a fun and safe environment.
When not in classes, students will enjoy planned recreational activities such as indoor and outdoor games, movies, visits to a nearby lake for picnics and campfires, social gatherings at the Terra Cotta Coffee House and a farewell party on the last night. Living, dining and learning together, students have ample opportunity to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships.

Program Information:
This is a coed, residential camp for students ages 14-17.
Dates: July 10-14, 2016
Cost: $895 covers tuition, room and board, supervision, activities and program materials
Application deadline: May 1, 2016

Office of Summer Programs
Alfred University
Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
Telephone:   (607) 871-2612
Web Site:   

Alfred, N.Y.
Geneva, NY - Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute

The Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges provides exceptional opportunities to explore the scientific, social, and humanistic perspectives of environmental issues.
The Institute offers a two-week, college-level interdisciplinary program for talented high-school students entering their junior and senior years. The program is designed as an introduction to a variety of environmental issues and perspectives on nature and our environment. Students will conduct research with faculty members in a variety of locations: on the HWS Scandling (a 65-foot vessel on Seneca Lake), in streams, quaking bogs, the Adirondack Mountains, and the Colleges' science laboratories.
Working in the field, in laboratories, in classrooms, and on a four-day Adirondack research trip, students will explore a range of topics in environmental policy, economics, and ethics, and come to see the natural world through the eyes of artists, historians, philosophers, and scientists. A love of nature, learning, and the outdoors provides the focus for this unique educational experience.
The Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute is located in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes region, on beautiful Seneca Lake.

Program Information:
Coed. Talented high school students entering junior and senior years. Residential.
Length of session: Sunday July 16 - Saturday July 29, 2017
Required: high school transcript (including fall grades and SAT or PSAT scores, when available), sent to us directly by your school ) and letter of recommendation from a teacher
Admission to the Institute is on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed on the 15th of every month, starting in December. There are only 34 spaces available, so we encourage students to apply ASAP.

You will be awarded half a college credit by Hobart and William Smith Colleges for successful completion of the Institute.
The total fee for the program is $2700. This includes tuition, course materials, campus housing, meals, and all activities including transportation and lodging on field trips.
To view our VIDEO, visit our website by clicking link in Contact section.
Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Professor Jim MaKinster, Director
Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY 14456-3397
Telephone:   (315) 781-4401
Fax:   (315) 781-4400
Web Site:   

Geneva, N.Y.
New York (New York City / Manhattan), NY - Barnard College
Pre-College Programs at Barnard College, New York City
Liberal Arts, Science, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Women's Leadership and more

Barnard's Pre-college academic programs in NYC are for young women who are intellectually prepared for college-level work and will be entering 11th or 12th grade in Fall 2017. This year we will be offering six different programs:
In our Summer in the City four-week program, participants choose two courses from a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, Literature and Writing, Political Science, Psychology, Architecture, Religion, Art History, Dance, Theatre and Film, Environmental Science, Web Development/Coding, and Neuroscience. Four-week students also participate in our Beyond the Gates series. 
Our Liberal Arts Intensive one-week program allows students to focus on a single subject. Courses are offered in diverse subjects from Theatre to Psychology, from Literature to Urban Studies,Web Development/Coding to Environmental Science and more!
In our Young Women's Leadership Institute students attend on-campus Women's Studies courses and workshops and explore female-driven businesses and organizations as they understand the complex relationship between gender and leadership in this dynamic and interactive program,
Throughout Dance in the City, students will engage in academic dance courses at Barnard, perfect their technique at the Alvin Ailey Extension School, and attend professional dance performances all over NYC.
Entrepreneurs in Training Program will prep young women with a range of skills necessary to build successful endeavors. Workshops range from creating a brand to creating a business plan.
Students interested in our Summer Science Seminars  will study the sciences both in and out of classroom [with acclaimed Barnard professors] in fields ranging from environmental studies to neuroscience and science history through our 1-week Liberal Arts Intensive and 4-week Summer in the City program. 
Each program offers a unique opportunity to explore New York City both in and out of the classroom while you live and learn like a college student, build leadership skills, and explore career opportunities. Your studies may include visiting an art gallery, attending a poetry slam, or meeting city leaders. Evenings and weekends are filled with organized trips to cultural attractions and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center. You may want to catch a film at an outdoor festival, hang out in Central Park, or escape to Jones Beach for a day. In short, you’ll get an unforgettable taste of the college experience while living in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Program Information:
Selective admission based on strong high school records, recommendations, and involvement in extra-curricular activities; Limited number of scholarships available. 2017 dates below:
Summer in the City 4-week session: Sunday 6/25 - Friday 7/22
Tuition: Residential - $7,500 Commuter -$4,500
Liberal Arts Intensive 1-week session: Sunday 7/9 - Friday 7/14
Tuition: Residential - $2,600 Commuter -$1,750
Young Women’s Leadership Institute: 9-Day Session: Sunday 6/25 - Monday 7/3
Tuition: Residential - $3,600
Dance in the City:  10-Day Session: Sunday 7/9 - Wednesday 7/19
Tuition: Residential - $3,600
Entrepreneurs in Training: 10-Day Session: Sunday 6/25 - Wednesday 7/5
Tuition: Residential - $4,790 

Office of Pre-College Programs
Barnard College Columbia University
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Telephone:   (212) 854-8866
Fax:   (212) 854-8867
Web Site:   

New York (New York City / Manhattan), N.Y.
Purchase (Westchester), NY - SUNY Purchase College
SUNY Purchase Precollege Technology Summer Programs


2017 Summer Programs
NEW! STEM Scholars: Art Forensics (Grades 11-12)
July 10 – July 21. Monday-Friday. 9am-5pm. $1,600/$1,440 (discounted tuition) Join members of the Purchase College faculty in small-group, research-based projects and coursework on campus. Develop methodologies for determining the composition of oil paints after they have been applied to a stretched canvas. The resulting methodologies will be used to detect fakes and frauds in the art market.
NEW! STEM Scholars: Food Science/Mars Imaging (Grades 11-12)
July 24 – August 4. Monday-Friday. 9am-5pm. $1,600/$1,440 (discounted tuition) Join members of the Purchase College faculty in small-group, research-based projects and coursework on campus. Choose from two exciting research paths: 1. Food Science: Determine “hidden” lactose levels in non-dairy foods. Use a series of enzymatic reactions and fluorescence detection in a microplate reader to measure levels of “hidden” lactose in nondairy foods such as bread, confections, and dry baking mixes to help alleviate this issue. 2. Mars Imaging: Develop original hypotheses about geological and climate processes on Mars, and evaluate and test those hypotheses through the analysis of imagery available from the various orbiters that are currently exploring Mars.
3D Video Game/Makers Lab Creations (Grades 9-12)
June 26-July 7. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,100/$990 (discounted tuition) Learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, controlling flow of gameplay, and storytelling. Design your first action figure, fashion custom jewelry, or new creation! Using professional-level modeling software, sculpt, texture, and learn to render your own 3D creation.
Code Breakers and App Creators (Grades 9-12)
July 10-July 21. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Learn the basics of coding languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS through a series of Web projects and design challenges each day! Enter into the world of mobile app design and customize your own game app! Students will explore the world of phone-based and tablet applications. Learn the basics of mobile app design and game development and see firsthand how the world of app publishing functions.
NEW! (The ULTIMATE) Video Game and Virtual Reality Experience (Grades 9-12)
July 24 – August 4. Monday-Friday, 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Develop games using a unique game engine and learn advanced-level editing, simple 3-D modeling, intermediate event scripting, and the impact of game play on user experience. Embark on an epic adventure in virtual reality! Learn the foundations of VR design by creating your own virtual worlds, exploring simulated environments, and crafting memorable 3-D experiences.
Early Drop-Off & Extended Day Options starting at 8am & ending at 5:30pm!
SAVE 10% when you pay in full by the early registration deadline, May 5, 2017

Click here for Open House Information- April 22, 2017.
Click here to view SUNY Purchase College Precollege Programs in the ARTS.

Summer Youth and Precollege Programs in the Arts
SUNY Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577-1400
Telephone:   (914) 251-6500
Web Site:   

Purchase (Westchester), N.Y.
Rochester, NY - Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
RIT K-12 Academy
featuring Kids On Campus

RIT camps for elementary, middle and high school students include AWESOME TECHNOLOGY! COOL PROJECTS! EXCITING WORKSHOPS! COMPETITIVE SPORTS!
Visit the RIT K12 Academy website to explore an extensive list of all day camp options offered by Rochester Institute of Technology departments.
The RIT K-12 Academy website includes camps from the following RIT camp providers: Kids On Campus, Bioscience Exploration, SMASH Experience for Girls, RIT Athletics sports camps, Lil Kids on Campus, and RoboCamp!
RIT camps will unleash creativity, explore current technology, develop critical-thinking skills, and build stronger bodies. The RIT K-12 Academy website showcases a wide variety of day camps offered during the summer months at RIT’s beautiful suburban campus located six miles from downtown Rochester New York
Kids on Campus:
RIT’s oldest and largest summer day camp, Kids on Campus offers one and two week computing and digital arts workshops for middle and high school students. Our workshops include Creative Coding with Java, Minecraft Modding, Digital Graphics, Web Development, Game Design Concepts, and many, many more. Kids on Campus program features all-you-can eat lunch buffet, an activities hour that includes optional swimming and an extended care program.
The 2017 dates for Kids on Campus are as follows:
• Session one wk 1 = July 10-14
• Session one wk 2 =  July 17-21
• Session two wk 1 = July 24-28
• Session two wk 2 = July 31- Aug 4
For more information about Kids on Campus workshops and other RIT K-12 Academy day camps

RIT K-12 Academy
Rochester Institute of Technology
12 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
Telephone:   (585) 496-4562
Web Site:   

Rochester, N.Y.
Rochester, NY - University of Rochester
University of Rochester: PREP: Pre-College Experience in Physics

University of Rochester Pre-College Experience in Physics: To Encourage the Participation of Young Women in Science: The program offers students a challenging program consisting of lab-based instruction, group and independent projects, and meetings with professionals and undergraduates involved in research in the sciences and engineering.

Program Information:
students completing 9th-10th grade from Rochester area without prior experience in physics
day program (9am-4pm). 3-4 week session in July. No Fee
Application includes transcript, statement, and letter from high school teacher

Professor Steven Manly, and Amy Wakim, Co-Directors
Connie Jones, Program Assistant
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York 14627-0171
Web Site:   

Rochester, N.Y.
Saratoga Springs, NY - Skidmore College
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Camp, Residential

This camp is designed for students (grades 8-12) who love forensics, want to learn the science behind the Hollywood hype of CSI, and have a good time working with like-minded peers. Students work in teams, learn to secure a crime scene, collect and interpret evidence, and learn about how a case is eligible for grand jury consideration. Activities include workshops in blood splatter, entomology, fingerprinting, psychological profiling, cyber-crime, arson, DNA analysis, photography, canine assistance, self-defense, forensic anthropology, and many more.

Program Information:
OVERNIGHT CAMPS: July 31st - August 6th, 2016 at Skidmore College
Age: For students entering 8th through 12th grade
Price: $1,077- includes programming, all food, field trips, housing, evening activities.
Please check website for further details.

Margaret Liberti
Dr. Lynda McMaster-Schuyler
Telephone:   (518) 633-1807
Web Site:   

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Watertown, NY - Jefferson Community College (JCC)
Edge on Science
Galileo's Workshop, Summer Rocket Camp, Bridge Building Camp, Catapult Camp

Be the first to know when registration opens and receive an early bird discount! Sign up at
July 11-15 $483
Galileo's Workshop
- Go back in time to the renaissance and get to know Galileo Galilei, father of experimental science. Reveal the wonders of light and optics while assembling your own take-home refractor telescope tube assembly. Galileo's notable contributions to astronomy and physics are also explored. Outdoor games, challenges and stories add to the fun!
July 18-22 $483
Summer Rocket Camp
- Discover how rockets fly! Design, build, test and fly your own model rocket. Use rocket simulation software to predict how your rocket will perform. You also make and fly water rockets, all for a week of flying fun
July 25-29 $483
Bridge Building Camp
- Explore basic structural shapes. Design, build and load test your own model truss bridge made of balsa and basswood sticks. Teams also build a truss bridge outdoors. Have fun competing against other teams to solve engineering challenges.
Aug 1-5 $483
Catapult Camp
- Siege the day and make your own take-home tabletop catapult. Outdoors, teams build a trebuchet (a hurling machine) out of precut timbers and then engage each other in medieval challenges. Field games like Castle are also played.
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Day camps for children ages 10 to 14, with case by case exceptions for 9 year olds.
Enrollment is limited to between 8 and 14 campers.
Your camp leader is John Aviste, a professional engineer, accompanied by a trained assistant
Click here to view Edge on Science Camps at Bend in the River Park in Canton, NY.

Telephone:   (315) 773-5673
    (800) 876-2819
Web Site:   

Watertown, N.Y.



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