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Welcome to
Purchase (Westchester), NY - SUNY Purchase College
SUNY Purchase College Youth Programs in the Arts- COMMUTER
Filmmaking, Visual Arts, Acting, Photography, Game/App Design, Vocal, Journalism, Musical Theater

Program Information:
Strengthen your journalism, visual arts, and performing arts skills with experienced instructors and practicing artists. Explore of a variety of artistic genres. Participate in performance, exhibition, or other culminating event for friends and family. Schedules allow for enrollment in more than one art form.
2018 Programs
Young Journalists (Grades 4-8)
July 9-13. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $600/$540 (discounted tuition) Learn what it takes to become a reporter and write clear stories that capture an audience’s attention. Conduct interviews, produce feature stories, and write headlines! Present a sample of your work to friends and family.
Young Writers (Grades 6-8)
July 16-July 20. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $600/$540 (discounted tuition). Learn essential elements of the writer’s craft—descriptive detail, poetic language, punctuation as craft, and voice—that make personal narrative and nonfiction writing come alive. Students practice close reading and engage in revising their work under the guidance of accomplished instructors. Young Writers is designed to foster creativity and imagination.
Young Artists (Grades 4-9)
June 25-July 6. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,100/$990 (discounted tuition). Explore the visual arts! Drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage, crafts, and more! Foster creativity and imagination, individuality, and collaboration. Display your work in the exhibition!
Young Photographers (Grades 4-8)
June 25-July 6. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,100/$990 (discounted tuition). Bring your digital camera! Learn the art and science of photography and discover what makes a good photograph while working in a digital lab. Display your work at the final exhibition!
NEW! Roblox® Entreprenuers and Make Your First 3D Video Game!(Grades 4-8)
July 24-August 4. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Learn to code in the Lua language while playing and designing words in Roblox®. Learn to navigate Roblox’s fast growing marketplace to publish their games. Next, create an immersive 3D world learning the physics behind 3D games, event scripting, level design, controlling the flow of game-play and storytelling.
NEW! Young Actors and Performers (Grades 4-8)
June 26-July 7. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,100/$990 (discounted tuition) July 9-20. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Explore the building blocks professional performers use through daily classes in improvisation, movement and diction warm ups, and relaxation techniques. Also, choose one of two tracks:
• Concentrated Acting Skills: In-depth instruction in building a character through rehearsals for your monologue and scene! • Musical Theatre Skills: In-depth instruction in singing, dancing, and acting in preparation for your musical theatre scene!
NEW! Code Adventure and Drone Quest (Grades 4-8)
July 8-20. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition). Learn how to create your own text-based adventure games with variables, conditional logic, images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, in this hands on, interactive class you will learn how to fly and drive drone robots. Working in teams you will be able to code your drone to compete in missions that will prepare you for the ultimate team challenge!
NEW! Create an App and Virtual World (Grades 4-8)
July 23-August 3. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Take the first steps into the world of mobile app design and customize your own game app! Using a specialized app & game development tool, explore the world of web-based (HTML5) mobile apps. Learn the basics of mobile app design and game development and understand how the world of App publishing functions. Next, learn the foundations of VR design by creating your own virtual worlds, exploring simulated environments, and crafting memorable 3D experiences in this cutting edge environment.
Young Filmmakers (Grades 4-8)
July 23-August 3. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Bring your video camera! Learn the art of visual storytelling by writing, directing, editing, and acting in your own movies. View your films at the final screening. Receive a recording of your movie!
Young Architects (Grades 5-8)
July 9-20. Monday-Friday. 9:30am-3:30pm. $1,200/$1,080 (discounted tuition) Develop ideas, plans, drawings, and models of your fantasy buildings. Construct a model of your own dream structure. Invite family and friends to see your model on display at the final exhibition

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Summer Youth and Precollege Programs in the Arts
SUNY Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577-1400
Telephone:   (914) 251-6500
Web Site:   
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Purchase (Westchester), N.Y.
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