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Welcome to
Purchase (Westchester), NY - SUNY Purchase College
SummerTech Computer Camps
Python, Java, Web Design, Web Development, Animation, 3D Modeling

SummerTech Computer Camps is for children ages 8-17 and features the following curriculua- See below.
Come as many weeks as you want: You will never repeat the same curriculum.
Visit website link below for further details.
PYTHON (Ages 10-17) - If you are new to coding and not yet in high school, we recommend starting with Python. Frequently used by both novice and master coders alike, Python offers a simpler syntax that allows students to understand the concepts of computer programming more quickly and easily.
JAVA (Ages 11-17) - Java is an extremely popular coding language in high schools, colleges, and the working world. Our Java class provides a comprehensive introduction to coding that prepares high school students for the AP Computer Science course and their future studies.
WEB DESIGN (Ages 8-17) - Web Design is for campers that want to learn the foundations of website design and layout. Campers will create their own webpages using HTML5 and CSS3 that showcase rich content, including text, images, videos, and more. Advanced topics include learning Bootstrap, an industry-standard library, to design responsive websites that work across desktop and mobile devices.
WEB DEVELOPMENT (Ages 8-17) - Today's coders are building applications for the web. Facebook, Amazon, Google, and many others use these kinds of applications to power their websites and services. In Web Development, campers will learn the skills necessary to bring their code to life on the web. Using React, a popular JavaScript library, campers will learn how to build websites that interact with their users and other websites via APIs.
ANIMATION (ages 8-17)- Animation is for campers who need a creative release. Campers start with learning how to draw using a computer and move all the way up to creating their own interactive movies. Take advantage of our talented teacher's training and experience. You'll work closely with them as you learn essential animation techniques while you choose your path between animator or game designer.
3D MODELING (ages 11-17)- In 3D Modeling, campers learn the fundamentals of creating digital 3D models of real world objects. Topics include box modeling, basic texturing, sculpting, and basic animation. 3D Modeling provides a mix of creative and technical work whose applications are in the art, engineering, and architecture industries. It’s excellent for creating art for video games, modeling your favorite Star Wars spaceships or Pokémon, getting introduced to 3D animated movies, and more!
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Program Information:
2019 Sessions held at Purchase College are as follows:
(Day, Overnight and Weekend options).

Week A: Sunday, June 23 - Friday, June 28
Week B: Sunday, June 30 - Friday, July 5
Week C: Sunday, July 7 - Friday, July 12
Week D: Sunday, July 14 - Friday, July 19
Week E: Sunday, July 21 - Friday, July 26
Week F: Sunday, July 28 - Friday, August 2
Week G: Sunday, August 4 - Friday, August 9 (Day only)
Week H: Sunday, August 11 - Friday, August 16 (Day only)
Day Campers Cost: One week of day camp is $1300. ($1200 until January 31, 2019!) Each week is Sunday through Friday.
This includes lunch, as well as all materials, instruction, and supervision. Dinner is free for all campers offered as an extra from SummerTech. We encourage you to stay each night until as late as 9pm.
Overnight Campers Cost: Each week is Sunday through Friday. One week of overnight accommodations is an additional $600. This includes the day camper option, late night activities, breakfast, and five nights in our dormitories.
Weekend Campers: Weekend stays are an additional $400. Weekends begin on Friday at 4pm and end on Sunday at 3pm.
See website below for more information about fees.

SummerTech Computer Camps
800 Jackson Street, Suite 403
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone:   (866) 814-8324
Web Site:   
  (Directions to Purchase College)

Purchase (Westchester), N.Y.
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