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Summer Communication Programs and Communication Camps - New York / New York State

Summer College for High School Students: Three-Week Session Open to all High School Students  |  Ithaca Young Writers Institute Two-week residential program open to all High School Students  |  Fordham Summer Pre-College Program for High School Students Rose Hill Campus in Bronx and Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan  |  Summer Journalism at NYU  |  Leaders 4SC: Middle School Summer Civics Workshop: St. John's University, Manhattan Campus & Lesley University in Boston  |  RIT K-12 University Center: Workshops & Camps  |  Summer College for High School Students

Ithaca, NY - Ithaca College
Summer College for High School Students:
Three-Week Session Open to all High School Students

Summer College is a three-week academic program for talented students who have completed their sophomore or junior year in high school. Students live together in a residence hall and choose one of ten college-level courses and three noncredit workshops. Students earn two to four college credits. Ithaca College faculty teaches all courses. The program includes co-curricular seminars and recreational activities.
College-level course subjects include:
Anthropology through Film; Engage: Community Action Experience; General Psychology; Health Sciences: Foundations & Careers; Media & Communication Studies; Introduction to Business; Health Sciences;; Sport Media; Television Studio Production; STEM Institute Undergraduate Research; Theatre Intensive (with tracks in Acting, Musical Theatre, Technology/Design & Stage Management, and Theatre Studies & Theatre Arts Management)

Program Information:
Coed. Residential. July 5 - July 24, 2020
Students who have completed their sophomore or junior year in high school
Students who have completed their sophomore or junior year in high school
Students who demonstrate an above-average academic profile, leadership skills, or special talents will be given preference.
The application process includes a request for a brief essay explaining your interest in the program and a request for your high school transcript.
2020 cost: $4,995 (including STEM Institute); Summer Theatre Intensive $5,480
Cost includes room, board, tuition and activities.
A limited number of partial tuition scholarships are available to those in special need who complete a financial aid application, available on the program website.

Office of Extended Studies
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Job Hall 208
Ithaca, NY 14850
Telephone:   (607) 274-3143
Web Site:   

Ithaca, N.Y.
Ithaca, NY - Ithaca College
Ithaca Young Writers Institute at Ithaca College
Two-week residential program open to all High School Students

Begin your writing odyssey in Ithaca. The Ithaca Young Writers Institute, a noncredit summer program for high school students, offers two weeks of intensive creative and professional writing workshops on the campus of Ithaca College in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Taught by the distinguished faculty of the College’s Department of Writing. Students spend mornings in two-hour workshops, focusing on the genre of their choice (Fiction, Personal Essay/Creative Non Fiction, Poetry, Science Fiction & Fantasy.) Students spend afternoons in lectures and craft classes that allow them to experiment across the genres: Flash Fiction/Nonfiction; Magazine Editing and Publishing; Submission, Rejection, and Publication; Reading to Write; Writing as a Critic; Writing Children's Literature. In the evenings, they participate in a student reading series and interact directly with visiting writers and publishing professionals who have expert insight into the craft and business of writing.

Program Information:
July 5 to July 17, 2020. Coed. Residential program with a commuter option.
Enrollment is competitive. Must demonstrate writing proficiency in chosen genre.
APPLICATION: Applications open January 15. Complete the online application by June 1.
You may apply in two genres, but you will only be accepted into one.
Upload a writing sample(s): For Poetry, 3–5 poems (no more than 10 pages). For Fiction, Personal Essay, Sci/Fi Fantasy, 5–10 pages, double-spaced
FEES: Residential: $2,330. Commuter: $1,165 (Click on website link for further details.)

Office of Extended Studies
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
Telephone:   (607) 274-3143
Web Site:   

Ithaca, N.Y.
New York (New York City / Manhattan), NY - Fordham University Rose Hill & Lincoln Center
Fordham Summer Pre-College Program for High School Students
Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx and Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan

The Pre-College Program allows rising seniors and exceptional juniors with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better to enroll in one of several exciting college courses and gain experience at a top-ranked research university in the summer.
• Earn college credit. Unlike other programs hosted for high school students on college campuses, courses offered to Fordham Pre-College students are part of the regular summer curriculum. That means you will complete college-level coursework and earn credits while sharing the classroom with current undergraduates and Fordham faculty.
• Make valuable connections with students, professors, and administrators. Spend time on a college campus and make more informed decisions about your future.
• Strengthen your college application with a proven record of your abilities.
Pre-College courses are specially selected from among Fordham's course offerings for Summer Session II (June 30 - August 4, 2020). Courses cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines, and many can be used to fulfill university core requirements. Most courses meet three times per week
Course options include:
• The Ground Floor: An introduction to business
• Introduction to Fashion and  Culture: Study fashion as a form of communication
• Introduction to Computer Programming: Python and more to solve real-life problems
CLICK ON link in CONTACT section below for further 2020 course information.

Program Information:
This is a commuter program for high school students entering 12th grade, and in some exceptional cases, 11th grade.
Dates: June 30 - August 4, 2020
The rates listed below are for 2020.
For a 3-credit class: $2,835.*
For a 4-credit class: $3,780.*
Click here to view Musical Theater Intensive at Fordham Lincoln Center Campus.

Pre-College Program
Office of Summer Session
441 East Fordham Road
Keating Hall, Room 315
Bronx, NY 10458
Telephone:   (718) 817-4665
Web Site:   

New York (New York City / Manhattan), N.Y.
New York (New York City / Manhattan), NY - New York University (NYU)
Summer Journalism at NYU

Located in New York City's East Village, Summer Journalism at NYU is for Pre-College students (rising juniors and seniors) with an interest in learning journalism skills.
Four college credits per class.
COVID-19 UPDATE: All our regularly scheduled courses will be taught online this summer.
We'll have the same great classes and instructors, but just in a different format.
2020 Course Offerings below
Report NY+
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm | Four college credits.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | Time: 12:00 pm-2:00 pm | Four college credits.
New this summer, this course is for pre-college students who want exposure to the craft of journalism at a beginner’s level, but with the added benefit of an in-house specialist offering ESL assistance to international students. It's a class in gathering and writing the news, including news evaluation, reporting and writing techniques, and specialized beats, with New York City, especially Downtown New York and its nearby Brooklyn neighbors, as the lab. It's designed to provide extensive practice. It covers how reporters are assigned stories, how stories are planned and written, and journalism ethics and responsibilities. Students report and write stories under newsroom conditions. For students with and without prior journalism studies or experience.
The Personal Essay
Tuesday, Thursday | Time: 10:00 am-1:00 pm | Four college credits 
Do you have something to say? A story to tell? An application essay to write? An original voice? This course will nurture that voice, help shape the stories, sharpen your skills. The personal essay is a popular form of nonfiction writing, cherished by both writers and readers, but crafting a successful essay is a difficult skill. How can we be self-revealing without being self-indulgent? How can we make our own experiences powerful for others? In this course, students will read some of the best essays around, from Langston Hughes and Joan Didion to Oliver Sacks to Marjorie Williams and other writers and write their own, taking each one through several drafts. The heart of the course will be close reading and editing of student work. For students' with and without prior journalism studies or experience.
Style NY: Covering the Fashion Industry
Monday, Wednesday | Time: 5:30 pm-8:30 pm | Four college credits
Fashion and style have always been integral to the magazine and newspaper industries. But Despite each publication having its own unique take on the fashion industry, they are all alike in that they express an opinionated view on clothing, designer talent, models, and fashion as it relates to society and culture. Now magazines and periodicals have had to compete with bloggers and other influencers who have proven to be early masters of the fashion journalism game and who attract the attention of millions of followers.
 Whether online or in print, great fashion writing expresses an opinion and makes connections to the past, present, and the future. This class will explore reviewing fashion shows, writing trend pieces, long-form stories, and profiles. It will also delve heavily into the fast-paced world of blogs and social media from Twitter and Instagram to Snapchat and Vine—touching on the differences and similarities of each medium. Finally, we will also practice techniques for real-world situations such as interview skills and navigating the world of PR agencies. There will be guest speakers from different facets of the fashion industry.
EAT NYC: Food Reporting and Writing
Tuesday, Thursday | Time: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm | Four college credits
“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” – Brillat-Savarin, French epicurean.
This quote captures the spirit of what you will explore immersed for six weeks in the deliciously creative and highly competitive world of food writing. Using New York City as our classroom, we’ll find fresh ways to discover, pitch and tell the stories of those who grow, make, and serve the foods we savor. We’ll bring them to life in a variety of formats—personal narrative, trend pieces, restaurant reviews—with the goal of pitching your best work to your favorite food publication or website.
Those with a hunger for challenge and adventure will be rewarded. You’ll meet guest speakers from the world of food and food journalism, get comfortable interviewing strangers, analyze the state of food journalism, taste and critique new foods, review a NYC restaurant or neighborhood, and develop, pitch, research, report and write (and rewrite!) stories of varying length, all optimized for digital and social promotion. Because food is a uniquely visual beat with a strong service component, you’ll also get a crash course in recipe writing, video, and food photography.
Introduction to Narrative Podcasting
Tuesday, Thursday | Time: 5:00 pm-8:00 pm | Four college credits
Much of the most groundbreaking, relevant, and creative journalism today is happening in podcasting. As popular and influential programs like The Daily, This American Life, and Radiolab show, podcasting isn’t simply your parents’ radio transferred online. It’s an increasingly important, often innovative journalistic art unto itself. In this summer course, students will learn to craft compelling stories solely in sound. By the end of the summer session, they will complete two professional-quality podcasts to round out their news portfolios. They’ll learn essential hard skills like field recording and editing tape with software. Students will also analyze podcast story structure and learn how to pitch audio stories. They’ll report, plan and prep interviews, write their own scripts, mix and master audio, perform sound design and scoring, and be exposed to the business of podcasting. Along the way, students will find their own voices, offering their unique takes on the world strictly through sound.
Music! Film! TV! Writing Popular Culture
Tuesday, Thursday | Time: 5:30 pm-8:30 pm | Four college credits
Writing about pop culture is a playground for radical thought, for exciting, often polarizing ideas on race, society, and how the fictional and fact-based entertainment we breathe intersects with real life. From reboots and reality TV to blockbusters and horror movies, from sitcoms and romcoms to the expansive landscape of minority-led Hollywood productions, from the latest Mitski album to Lizzo, there is no shortage of material to write about.
This course will help students sharpen their critical skills and instincts, write within a specific beat, and brainstorm good, pitchable ideas and story angles. Through writing assignments and occasional field reporting, students will brave the (internet) elements and learn to document pop culture, in the form of news blogs, reviews, interviews, criticism, and research. Along they way they’ll start to develop their own voice.
Travel Writing: The World on a Metrocard
Monday, Wednesday | Time: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm | Four college credits
What kind of destination makes a travel writer happy? Sights and sounds and smells different enough to surprise but familiar enough to be relatable. A place nothing like home that soon feels like home. Ah, and in these days of tight budgets it has to be cheap to get to. Like, say, $2.75? In New York City, Russian, Senegalese, Dominican, Korean, Bangladeshi, Polish and Chinese neighborhoods (to name a few), are just a subway ride away. This course will use the five boroughs as a proxy for the world as students produce travel content both traditional – service pieces, personal essays, guidebook entries – and digital – blogs, social media posts and YouTube videos. Taught by Seth Kugel, former Frugal Traveler columnist for the New York Times and host of the Amigo Gringo You Tube channel, the course will also introduce students to travel writers past and present and explore the ethical considerations of writing about places as destinations for (usually) privileged (mostly) Westerners. Travel writing might seem like a dream job, but there’s still the job part of it: the best travel writing is also journalism, with the same ethics and responsibilities to reader and subject. How do you make compelling but honest content that stands out in a travel writing landscape increasingly dominated by user review sites?
Feminism and the Media
Tuesday, Thursday | Time: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm | Four college credits
Feminism and the Media is a collaborative seminar designed to examine the complex relationship (or different, contradictory relationships) between those humans we call “women” and those forms of discourse we call “media.” We will consider women both as subjects and objects, as artists and models, as creators of “media” in its many forms and as media’s creations. What does our culture’s “media” tell us about its ideas of gender? What, if anything, does our gender tell us about our readings of “media”? Student participation in this seminar is key: students are expected to attend all sessions, to complete all the reading (there’s lots of reading!), to participate actively in discussion, and to lead one of the class sessions themselves. Leading a class means opening the day’s conversation with a presentation, critiquing and elaborating on the assigned reading, bringing in additional relevant material, and suggesting questions or issues that seem particularly interesting or troublesome. The purpose of the course is to develop our critical and self-critical faculties as journalists, media critics, consumers of media, and women or men – to think clearly, challenge our pet assumptions, and have fun. Along with attendance and informed class participation, students are required to conduct a mini-research project and present their findings to the class. I want you to pick a “women and media” topic that really interests you and then report the hell out of it. If you’re interested in the effect of music videos on teenage girls, for instance, you would first put together an extensive bibliography of what has already been written on the subject. You would figure out what the key questions in the field were: do media images affect teens’ behavior or not, and how can anyone tell? You might interview some of the leading researchers in the area and tell us what they say. You’ll certainly want to read the most important books/articles on your subject. A paper is not required; instead, students will present their findings to the class during the last few sessions.
For more details on the 2020 courses, click here.

Don Starr
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
New York University
20 Cooper Square, 6th Floor
New York, NY  10003
Telephone:   (212) 998-7994
Web Site:   
  (Click link above for Housing Information at NYU).

New York (New York City / Manhattan), N.Y.
New York (New York City / Manhattan), NY - St. John’s University Manhattan Campus
Leaders 4SC: Middle School Summer Civics Workshop:
St. John's University, Manhattan Campus & Lesley University in Boston

Leaders 4SC is a set of four digital week-long workshops for middle school students on leadership, communication, decision-making, and advocacy. The workshop aims to train the next generation of civic leaders: members of a community who actively participate in society.
Public Speaking: Students will receive practice and instruction on developing good public speaking habits and crafting a rhetorically powerful speech.
Argumentative Writing: Students will work on developing a persuasive and well-reasoned editorial (op-ed style) article on a topic of interest to them.
Current Events: Each week students will discuss topics directly pertains to the students, as well as, national, global, and futuristic topics.
Interdisciplinary: Students will be exposed to topics in philosophy, psychology, economics, sociology, history, civics, statistics, and more!

Program Information:
Writing  Focus Week 1: July 6th to July 10th, 2020
Speaking Focus Week 2: July 13th to July 17th, 2020
Writing Focus Week 3: July 6th to July 10th, 2020
Speaking Focus Week 4: July 13th to July 17th, 2020
11am to 3pm
Students entering Grades 5 through 9 in Fall 2020 are eligible to participate.
Price: $150/week or $500 for four weeks. Need-based financial aid is available

St. John’s University Manhattan Campus
101 Astor Place
New York, NY ,  10003
Web Site:   

New York (New York City / Manhattan), N.Y.
Rochester, NY - Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
RIT K-12 University Center: Workshops & Camps

RIT offers a wide variety of different summer camps to fit your child’s interest! From medical camps to a summer full of STEAM, soccer camps as well as coding, we have it all! Our summer camps are an awesome opportunity for learning AND a ton of fun!
RIT Kids on Campus Presents: Camp Tiger, a summer of S.T.E.A.M, offering workshops in:
Science, Games, Business, Engineering, Design, Computer Science, 3D, Art, Communications and Photography.
Please click website below for more detailed information.
Workshops range from 1 to 2 weeks with lunch, t-shirt and recreation time included. We also offer extended morning and evening hours if need be!
The 2019 dates for CAMP TIGER are as follows:
• Session one wk 1 = July 8-12
• Session one wk 2 = July 15-19
• Session two wk 1 = July 22-26
• Session two wk 2 = July 29- Aug 2
OTHER CAMP Offerings:
Robo Camp
Center for Bioscience Education & Technology
Pre-College Portfolio Prep Workshop
Camp Tiger!  

RIT K-12 University Center
Rochester Institute of Technology
24 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
Telephone:   (585) 496-4562
Web Site:   

Rochester, N.Y.
Syracuse, NY - Syracuse University
Summer College for High School Students

Syracuse University Summer College offers high school students the opportunity to explore college majors and experience college life in over 40 credit and noncredit programs.

Program Information:
2020: Click website link below.
High school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Earn up to 6 college credits.
Costs vary by program.

Syracuse University
Summer College for High School Students
700 University Ave
Syracuse, NY 13244-2530
Telephone:   (315) 443-5000
Fax:   (315) 443-4410
Web Site:   

Syracuse, N.Y.



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